Saturday, 21 May 2011


They say it's the end of the world today, and I'm on my own till Mista gets home from work...

I can say I had a brilliant day out yesterday, we saw a few new places, and for a treat I was brought some summer shoes, and a pretty dress, which I wore to go to a chinese meal later in the evening.

I think I've been a pretty good girl?

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Maid in not so kinky underwear

My task for today was:

Mop the kitchen floor.
I washed up, wiped work top's and cupboards down, cleaned all the junk that was gathering in places, and sorted the laundry out, before bleaching the floor.

I then took a bike ride to my Mate's but only stayed 20 minutes as she was heading out.

I might look into doing a routine folder!
I just like the structure of it, and stops your mind thinking your bored.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Today's Task

Mista asked me last night to take a photo of his favourite part of my body and write that it's his property.
Left my tripod in the bedroom so couldn't get it as Mista in bed from being on night shifts, so photo not very good quality.
Received my 1st punishment later in the day, was cheeky and got some ice shoved down my knickers!!!!
Froze my ring piece.
We also practiced some poses in the bedroom, before Mista had work.
The only one's Mista want's (for now) is

1) Assume the postition - this is basically on all fours.
2) Kneel, Obviously this is kneel in front of my Master.

Possum Pet

This is my blog for my Master "Mista"

I'm Possum, I've been living with Mista for 9 month's now, but dating for a total of 21 month's, we have been on and off really with the D/s lifestyle, i've mainly been a bedroom submissive.

Which is all good but We are ready to push it into a lifelsyle now.

So this is the start of my Journal as Possum Pet.